Sovereign Quest receives a lot of communication from the community, here are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I be included?

Send us an email to let us know about your blog, newsletter, podcast, or YouTube channel.

We’ll review it and let you know.

What does the review process involve?

Sovereign Quest strives to collate the best Personal Finance content, providing a menu of tempting options for the audience to pick and mix from.

Sites that are behind a paywall, predatory, spammy, or benefit the creator at the expense of the consumer are screened out. Examples include sites that are primarily multi-level marketing schemes, affiliate sales funnels, or voucher code harvesters.

This triage process is somewhat subjective. Referee’s decision is final.

Where are the American blogs?

Sovereign Quest is not currently targeting the North American market.

The US market is huge. Thousands of creators constantly churning out articles, posts, podcasts, and videos full of information about 401(k), health insurance, IRAs, travel hacking, and so on. A veritable firehose of content, that is already well serviced by the nice folks who operate the amazing AllStar Money, Campfire Finance and Personal Finance Blogs.

For audiences outside the US, those topics are less relatable. It can be hard for creators from elsewhere to make themselves heard amongst the cacophony. Sovereign Quest seeks to help those creators find an audience.

How do I find my RSS feed URL?

If you would like your content to appear in the Sovereign Quest feeds then your site needs to provide a valid RSS feed. Most platforms do this natively, but some require plugins or additional code.

  • Bloggerhttps://[your site]/
  • Ghosthttps://[your site]/rss/
  • Jeckyl **requires plugin**https://[your site]/feed.xml
  • Medium[your medium username]
  • Squarespacehttps://[your site]/[url slug]?format=rss
  • Substackhttps://[your subdomain]
  • Vimeo[your channel name]/videos/rss
  • Weeblyhttps://[your site]/1/feed
  • Wixhttps://[your site]/blog-feed.xml
  • WordPresshttps://[your site]/feed/
  • YouTube[your channel identifier]