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Join the Sovereign Quest March Challenge: Planning for decumulation

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March Challenge: Planning for decumulation

Personal Finance creators talk a lot about getting the basics right: earn more than you spend, invest the difference, and wait patiently. Personal Finances creators don’t talk much about what happens decades later, at the other end of their journey. Retirement beckons. Time to flip the switch from saver to spender.

Throughout March, I challenge the Sovereign Quest community to share their plans for how they will manage their decumulation phase. How will you finance it? How long will the money last? How will you manage the behavioural aspects of the change: filling the void, loss of professional identity, no longer socialising with your former colleagues, seeing too much of your spouse?

Credit once again to The Accumulator, for inspiring creators to think about how they managing their finances.

Sovereign Quest will feature decumulation stories from the community here on our home page. Please email links to your posts or videos. Any readers who would like to participate, but don’t have a blog of their own, can email their stories to be hosted here as guest posts.Your own work only please, no plagiarising!

Decumulation stories

  • The Accumulator (Monevator) – Decumulation: a real life plan (Parts I, II, and III)