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Financial origin stories

Last December, The Accumulator penned “What’s your financial origin story?”, one of the best pieces of Personal Finance writing of 2020. It challenged the reader to reflect on their own financial origin story, and think about which circumstances, decisions, and events from their past had set them down the financial path they follow today.

The Accumulator’s story attracted an amazing response. Over 100 readers shared an inspiring array of financial origin stories, many of which were deeply inspiring.

Throughout February, I challenge the Sovereign Quest community to document their own financial origin stories. We all have a financial origin story, why not inspire others by sharing yours?

Sovereign Quest will feature financial origin stories from the community here on our home page. Please email links to your posts or videos. Any readers who would like to participate, but don’t have a blog of their own, can email their stories to be hosted here as guest posts. Your own work only please, no plagiarising!

Financial origin stories